Our Company

ALANI represents the beauty and strength of women. We want to empower and inspire them to know that they are beautiful. Our company is an online leather luxury handbag and apparel brand based in the U.S. specifically in Los Angeles.  Here at AlaniLuxury.com, our focus is customer experience, quality, and design.


The Founder/CEO     

The woman behind ALANI, created this company because of her passion and love for fashion and appreciation for quality. She pays attention to detail and is determined to not settle for less. Her focus is on well-made products and providing the consumer an experience that is memorable. 

What is an ALANI woman?

ALANI is Hawaiian in its origin meaning "orange" (the fruit). Orange trees are symbolic of emotional trust and to other cultures royalty, luxury, elegance, and beauty. The personality of one with the name ALANI, represents a woman that is strong, determined, a leader in her own right and not afraid of risk. She is also ambitious, independent, and believes in her ability to be successful. 

At ALANI, we want to be a luxury Brand that will also appeal to your fun and playful side through our future product lines.

We hope our friends of the brand can relate to the beauty and strength that represents ALANI.